We are committed to improving science and technology in Africa

R ouleaux Foundation is a private, not-for-profit, scientific organization that is aimed at promoting science for sustainable development in Africa .We partner with many of the learned societies and other organizations making up the diverse landscape of the sciences, as well as thousands of individuals. We are committed to ensuring that we provide Government and other policy makers including funders of science education and research with a distinct point of access to authoritative independent and evidence-based opinion, representation of the widest range of science disciplines.

We promote science as a subject of choice to students in schools, colleges and universities. We support and recognize excellence in science teaching, champion science curriculum that challenges students and encourages their passion for STEM careers, support young scientist through higher education and provide career guidance at all levels.

The Rouleaux Foundation came into existence on 2nd of April, 2015 as a sequel to a STEM ( Science , Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Community Development Service Project of the National Youth Service Corps in Ebonyi State of Nigeria.

It became registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a charitable organization with registration code.

The Sciences occupy a central position in 21st century society and will contribute to key quality of life issues in medicine, environmental protection, energy and resources the sustainable exploitation of natural resources and climate change, as well as wealth creation. They will also be at the centre of many of the ethical issues that the society in general is facing.

Given the centrality of the sciences at solving the present challenges the Africa face and those of the future, it is vital that the entire science community in Africa has a strong and effective role when matters of research, education and wider scientific issues are debated in public and political arenas. The philosophy of Rouleaux Foundation is one of joint working, sharing and partnership. The organization works with learned societies and other member organizations, partners and special interest groups to present their views on current issues, promote educational and outreach activities and generally enhance the public profile of science. The organization seeks opportunity to increase impact through partnership with like-minded bodies on issues of common interest and concern.



Our vision is an institutionalized African society re-oriented with sustainable development actualized from the dividends of continuing pursuit of improved scientific literacy, sound entrepreneurship and evidence-based leadership


Our mission is to create promote science for sustainable development in Africa by synchronizing the activities of the academia, government, industry, media and public. Our mission is to champion discoveries in science in Nigeria and support their translation to health, economic, social and environmental benefit, promote understanding, learning and communication in science, develop partnerships within Nigeria and overseas and provide the widest possible support to our membership. Our mission is to represent the sciences in public affairs, provide educational and outreach activities, develop effective science communication, engage with the membership and maintain financial viability .

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